Medical Billing Solutions
to Maximize Revenue.

Golden Medical Solutions, LLC is the premier provider of medical billing solutions in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. We specialize in filing insurance claims, and following up on collections. Let us take care of the tedious paperwork so you can give your patients your full attention.
Your Partner in Medical Billing

We specialize in Medical Billing Claims Resolution

Back Office Training

We provide end to end healthcare back office support services for medical billing companies in USA with affordable cost. 100% HIPAA compliance

Medical Billing Management

By contracting the services of a medical billing company, you and your staff can focus on practicing medicine and delivering quality patient care.

Full Service Claims Resolution

All data entry is proofread and run through our claims resolution specialists, ensuring that only clean claims are submitted for payment the first time around.

Why our Partners Choose Golden Medical Solutions


Certified Billers

With over 18 years of industry experience, our medical billers have the knowledge and expertise to deliver quality healthcare billing services.

We Share Risk

We only profit when you profit, so you can be sure we are working hard to optimize the financial performance of your practice.

Client Focused

Golden Medical Solutions, LLC is experienced in handling complex assignments and can make quick work of any medical billing concern.

Stress Free Management

Our goal is to help you provide the best healthcare for your patients by taking the stress of record-keeping and insurance filing away from you.

The easiest way to manage your medical billing.

Our medical billing services are an extension of your office – we are there to provide feedback, as well as, train medical staff to maximize the revenue cycle.


Clients Serviced




Claims Success Rate


Practice Management Softwares

Hear from our Clients

As a company founded by medical coders, we understand the needs of our clients
and go to great lengths to provide the accuracy and responsiveness they deserve.

Client Since 2016

“Our practice did not have formal medical record or billing procedures, so they spent many hours working with our staff to get processes in place and organize our records — hours that were above and beyond what would have been normally required if we had systems in place. Golden Medical Solutions made the transition for billing from our practice to their office as painless as possible — they used our medical billing software rather than having us change to another system, which Golden Medical Solutions learned.”

Dr. George Burnazian, MD

Vigilant Attention to Details

“I have worked with Golden Medical solutions for ten years now and I have nothing but great things to talk about. Janet and Denise are great to work with and now they have a wonderful team along their side. They offer personalized service with a vigilant attention to details and great communications skills. They are very knowledgeable about insurance and well organized, Self motivated, proactive, reliable and trustworthy. I will continue to work with Golden medical solutions and look forward for many more years to come.”

Nicolas M.Nammour, MD

Impressive Attitude and Performance

“I have been consistently impressed by both Ms. Arroyo’s attitude towards her work and their performance on the job. Her interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop productive working relationships with both patients and staff.”

A.R.A. M.D.

Great Job

“As I opened my practice in 2002, I asked her to help me with the set-up and front office operations, she did a great job. Her multiple task abilities and her excellent bi-lingual communication skills were categorically fundamental for our practice success.”

A.J. M.D.

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For details about our medical billing services offered, feel free to browse our pages or call our hotline. Talk to one of our friendly representatives and discuss your particular need with us. We will be more than happy to comply with your requirements. We look forward to helping you.