The Golden Medical Solutions Team

Golden Medical Solutions, LLC in Houston, TX is a professional medical billing company
locally owned and operated by both, Denise Perez and Janet Arroyo. With over 18 years of industry experience,
our medical coders and billers have the knowledge and expertise to deliver quality healthcare billing services.
Depend on us for all your healthcare management needs.

97% Claims Success Rate

There is no hold on submission of claims. We can assure claims are submitted DAILY! This prevents denials for timely filing with insurers.

Increased Billing Efficiency

We specialize all things claim denials & rejections, accounts receivable, patient collections, and much more, so that you only worry about your patients’ wellbeing.

Maximize Revenue

In order to maximize revenue a well-defined medical billing process is critical. As well as implementing a proper denial management system. Golden Medical Solutions is here to help you!

We Utilize a Variety of Practice Management Softwares

We utilize a variety of practice management software to maximize your practice’s revenue potential with easy to learn, simple to use, and sophisticated solutions. If you’re practice management software is not listed, we will implement our training protocol to ensure our company meets your needs quickly and efficiently.


18+ Years Experience

Understanding the details of your medical specialty is critical to filing clean claims, which drives maximum revenue and reduces appeals. We have 18 years of knowledge and hands on experience across a variety of healthcare industries.

Up-To-Date Compliance

Compliant medical billing is a fundamental element for Golden Medical Solutions. With the ever-changing requirements for medical billing today, staying on top of the new codes, rules, and documentation is truly a full time job. We also offer remote QA and documentation reviews to minimize the risks of ADRs and also to avoid delayed claim submissions.