Our Medical Billing & Claims Process

Good medical billing services help protect your practice by ensuring your patient statements
meet the industry standards. Our dedication to quality and integrity allows us to maintain long-term
partnerships with some of the most reputable establishments in the area.

Pre Bill Review

Golden Medical's team of highly experienced code auditors review coded encounters prior to billing and claims submission.

Claims Transmission

Data entry is proofread and run through our software ensuring that only clean claims are submitted for payment the first time around.

Claims Tracking & Corrections

We closely monitor all insurance balances to ensure that they do not continue to age.

Appeals & Denials Management

Our claim appeal services can aid you and your company to receive the reimbursement you deserve. 

Our Approach

Golden Medical Solutions offers affordable and effective revenue reimbursement and operational strategy solutions for healthcare providers across all industries. We are committed to providing our clients and our profession with ongoing compliance education to ensure that your on-site operations are optimal.